End of the Journey…. Preparing for Something New….

So this happened….. A journey that started two years ago has finally come to an end. Though this part may be over my ministry is just  beginning. It’s true that I have 19 years of ministry behind me. I have been licensed and ordained for 12 of those years. I have had my share of just about every area of ministry in a church setting. I have been blessed to reach many people nationally and internationally over those years through TV and radio broadcasting, camps, events, school assemblies, speaking arrangements and ministry connections. I have worked along side of some amazing people in ministry. Many of them I call my heroes and mentors. It’s been an honor for me to train under some of the leading ministry leaders and pastors in our nation. I have seen and had many ministry failures and successes. I have faced struggles and temptations. Through the highs and lows, Christ has been guiding me, leading me, teaching me, correcting me, humbling me and blessing me. Ministry is messy, it’s not simple, it doesn’t pay well, and you are guaranteed to get hurt along the way. Would I change doing it? Absolutely not! From a very young age I knew ministry was for me. I was called to serve Him and serve others through getting connected, building relationships and communicating His truth in a real, radical and relevant way. For the past two years I have set aside many things to solemnly study and focus on who I am in ministry. Where I want to be and how do I want to get there. In result, I started the steps to becoming licensed in the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. It was a process that took a large part of my time over the past two years. I knew my identity in Christ and who I am however what I had to find was my identity in ministry. Finding who I am in ministry has been incredibly eye-opening. I won’t go into details here as I will save that for some future leadership teachings and posts. I know taking this journey was the right thing for me. It was the right time in my life and place in my walk with Christ.

So Now What?

With this process of being licensed now over. It’s just the beginning to something new. I have been blessed by so many people who have been involved in this journey from my coach, new friendships to other Foursquare Pastors I have met. I truly feel part of this tribe and feel like I belong. At the beginning of this journey I would have had a very different answer then I have today. But we all know God moves and things change. I am excited to see what is in store for me in the near future. Currently I am praying and seeking where the Lord leads. It is my heart and call for me to pastor a church. This has not been a new call but one I have fallowed for many years now. I don’t know when or where. But I am currently praying already for that place of ministry. I am open to God’s will, timing and His placement for us both. I do feel the Spirit has told me within the next two years He will have a place for me whether that’s within our current state, another state near by or even back east. While we wait on His leading, I will keep serving Him in our current roles at my current place of ministry. Again, I am excited to see God move even more and more in my life, my home, my ministry. God IS good!