I am going to take a break from a ministry post and share a more personal post today. With Foursqaure pastoral licensing now behind me. I am able to focus back on my health program. I am only a few courses away from being able to graduate. My hope was to be able to get that done this summer however with the crazy schedule that’s been impossible this summer. I think it will honestly be healthy (no pun intended) for me to keep my mind focused on course work instead of other things in life right now due to too much stress with circumstances I can’t control. Thankfully I have a God who keeps His promises and while I wait on His timing I stand on Hope! Today I reclaimed my home office and finding that “me spot” again. Amazingly its been very peaceful, my stress level is very low today.

As I start another course in my program I am to a fun course of Aromatherapy also known by many as “essential oils”. I have been looking forward to taking this class to learn more about what this essential oil hype has been all about the past few years. Don’t get me wrong we use diffusers in our work place and at home. We love some good blends of essential oils and use them in many areas of our lives when we are sick as well as just on a daily use. But it would be good to know more about the foundation of essential oils and the chemistry behind them. I know they can work… But why. This course I have just started teaches me just that, the How, Why and What. It allows me to use and always recommend the best oil out there. As far as the content goes I think its going to be a good class however I am not looking forward to the 4 reports I have to write at the end of the course. Oh well, life goes on. Maybe I will share a few more thoughts down the road as I journey through this course in Aromatherapy.