~Summer Time~

It’s true it’s been a while from my last post and it is indeed “Summer Time”. It’s been surprisingly busy the last few months. As always in life-giving you turn after turn, speed bump here and there. But ultimately God has been blessing us in so many ways. This summer has become about family, from trips to Children’s Hospital in Denver (For Emily’s broken shoulder), to Speech Therapy for Ethan. Doctor’s visits and minor surgeries for Debbie and hardcore studying for myself (for my Foursqaure Interview). Even in all the chaos of the busy schedules and being on the go. We have found peace in HIM and have learned to Be Still as a family. For my birthday in May we purchased a CO State Parks Pass in hopes to go to 15 parks during the summer months. While still counting we have made it to 7 of those 15 on our list. We have put more time in making our house a home and making lasting memories as a family. Summer is nearly over and still so much to do, from leading an amazing VBS last week, to being part of the leadership team at Youth Camp next week. And let’s not forget we are less then 80 days away from traveling to our beach house in FL. to spend a few weeks in paradise on the water. and some time with my Dad. If you know me you know I am a freak about lakes and beaches. I find God’s beauty in the water amazing!

God is on the move in our lives and we are blessed. As the Summer ends over the next month and my calendar becomes less busy, my hope is to be able to once again write weekly and frequent. I am still in prayer as to what that will look like. The last few weeks I have felt a chapter in my life has turned, so I am not sure where I will take this blog. Will I go back to ministry and leadership coaching topics and tips or will I keep it more of a personal portal for me to jolt my ideas and thoughts. Maybe I will try something completely new.