I saw this video going around Facebook.  yes it is indeed very funny.

However looking past the laughs we as a church in today’s world must be careful not to get so wrapped up into doing church we miss what the church really is. One of the greatest things I learned while in Bible College was to simplify the gospel and get rid of the Christian lingo. One book that really changed my thinking was entitled “Out of the saltshaker and into the world”. Many times talks about how “Christian lingo” and “churchy words” can become a barrier to a non-Christian person. Even making worship services more about the praise band and pastors classy cloths. All the lights, smoke. Etc. it become about who can have the biggest production on a Sunday morning that will entertain people. Don’t get me wrong I love all the cool things we can add to our worship services to enhance our experience with the Holy Spirit. But not to the point it interrupts our focus. This all began to catch on as the years roll on within mainstream churches over the years. Be the best at all cost…. To the point were churches started to rethink how they shared the gospel removing those words not hip or relevant to the current generation. I personally believe that it was then, in that time where the church started to really get further away from the biblical truth of Christ. Why? Because the traditional church was no longer relevant. But was it? As time went on churches started to become more “worldly relevant” then “biblical grounded”. It was what I like to think as the suicide of the church. Then we wonder why the world looks down on the church and christianity today when they don’t get entertained enough on a Sunday morning. It’s the beast we’ve created. Today many churches still struggle with this, allowing worldly views to overrun Godly scripture. Churches start to compromise the foundation of Christ, for the sake of growth in numbers, funding and even fear of people walking away from the church because scripture offend them. It is in this, WE the church, ministry leaders, must be careful not to allow our fear to drive our beliefs. Some people call me traditionalist or over conservative and maybe so. However fear can’t drive our call to ministry, our call to share the gospel. Weather it’s hip, relevant or not to the generation before us we must not compromise His Word.