Little Signs… Big Signs…

Ok so don’t get me wrong I am not a big fan of Sid Roth or his Christian TV show called “It’s Supernatural!”. I remember a years back sitting in the control room at Watchman Broadcasting TV-49 studio doing my daily check list. At 11:00 PM Eastern time Sid’s show come on our main network. I remember this guy seemed to me like a little bit of a quack. But I could tell deep down in all of the fancy lights and tv smoke there was great truth in his message.     Last night as I was laying in bed trying to get tired. I was on my iPad surfing over YouTube when I came to the Sid Roth channel. I noticed a video from one of his shows back a few months ago that was titled “Signs and wonders in America 2018” I began to watch it. While watching the video there was a lot of talk about the great things that God is going to do in 2018 and how we are entering into a new chapter in life. The Biblical numbers of 2018 stand for new beginnings. (Personally I hear this every year) As we need to look to God for greatness. (Tell me something we don’t know) I know it sounded a bit much but Sid’s always known for given everyone a good show. While listening to one of the guest they began to speak about the wildfires in California vs the awaking of churches today.   He talked about a person years ago who like the wildfires made a large impact in California. 

Screen Shot of YouTube

Aimee Semple McPherson of the The Foursquare Church. By that point I was in shock. I have never seen or heard about Aimee outside of my own local network in the Foursquare church or even before coming to Colorado. And hear on a national TV show. One that I have watched before and in the middle of nowhere here is a story about Aimee and the Foursquare church. I know most people at this point in my blog post will be like “So what…..?” I know it might seem like a pointless post however I say all that because personally I found it to be revealing to myself. Here is a show I randomly picked out of the millions on Youtube and out of the 1,000s of Sid Roth videos to talk about “signs and wonders” and in the middle of the video they go into something that I personally think was very much for me at this time in life. To me it felt as God was telling me I am on the right track for my life, my ministry, my future and to keep pushing forward.