Foggy World

Ever drive down the road to find that there is so much fog you can’t see but 10 feet in front of you. I found this to be true just this week while driving into Denver. I found I was to a place somewhere on the highway not really know where I was. Only being able to see 10 feet or less in front of me. Now many people would be like why didn’t I pull over or stop. However knowing I would be late to work knew this was not a choice I had. As I drove praying my way one mile to the next. I even turned on those cool fog lights on the car thinking it would clear the fog and provide me a better view of where I was going. But only realizing that the fog lights do nothing for the fog and don’t provide any help what so ever. I did noticed the best way to stay on the road was to follow the white lines. To allow those white lines to guide my way as I drove. As I started to focus on the lines my driving got better. As the white lines took a slight turn I too would take a slight turn. I started to put my trust in these lines in the road telling are where to go next. This was great. I had no clue where I was on the highway however knew as long as I followed the white lines I would end of in Denver. Knowing it had to be time for me come to my exit I slowed waiting for the white lines to show me my turn off. However as I waited I noticed the white lines where getting faded and becoming harder to see. As I drove down the road I realized that the white lines were gone. I was to a point on my drive where it was foggy outside not able to see very far in front of me and the white lines that I had put my trust in where just gone. No more lines! Right then I knew things where going to get harder. As I was freaking out searching for something to focus on. Looking for something to help guide my way there was nothing but fog. As I started to come to a slow stop I started to the white lines again… I was relieved. Thankful a few more miles down the road the fog lifted and I made it safe and sound to work and on time to boot. However thinking back on this I found this is how life is. We sometimes walk through life and its foggy. We are not able to see anything around us. only 10 feet in front of us. We search and search for something to focus on. And there in the middle of the road we find those white lines to put our trust in. I don’t know about you but I think that white line is like Christ. There wanting for us to focus on Him. Trusting Him to keep us on the road. following His steps. Letting him guide us. when we make a slight left or right we follow. Thankful for Christ He is always there. But the minute we take our eyes off Him we start to lose sight of where the white line is. So next time your life gets foggy… Start to search Christ and let him guide you.