You ever noticed you are going along in your day and you stop to think… “wait why?” Or the “What?!” Comes to mind. As I was creating the media worship set this morning I stopped and had one of those, wait, why? As I was looking for the right background to put behind the words of the songs. I had to ask myself why do we even need a fancy background anyway. Why can’t we just put a simple black background. Is the songs about what background we put or is it about the words. So I did just that and removed the backgrounds and left only a black background. To my surprise it looked much better. Is this what we do so much in life. We add so much that we forget sometimes in life we can simplify and make more of a impact then spending so much of our lives trying to make everything fancy with glitter and rhinestones. Even when looking at our ministries and I have said this so many times but even I need to be reminded of this statement. “When can spend so much time doing the work of Christ and “doing” ministry we forget to spend time with Christ.” Do you ever feel like you have so much stuff on your plate you can’t add one more thing? Does the stuff ever start to feel like it becomes extra baggage in life. I know at times in my life I feel like that. This past year in our lives have been about go and go and go. Finally, I feel like I am coming to a point in life where I can stop and put aside all the extras in life and come back to the simple things of life. I think even in those times spent with Christ we can sit quietly, music off, bible shut and just listen. When looking back on the ministry of Christ I have to notice that it was the simple things Jesus did that made the most impact. He was not flashy, demanded a large show. No lights and smoke needed. Maybe we need to lose the lights and smoke in our lives and #Justbe. He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” -Psalm 46:10