Created for Worship

created_to_worship_graphicThe last few weeks I have really been blessed by some powerful worship music on a new CD I brought a few weeks ago at a leadership conference. Things have been up and down over the past few weeks and God has been really showing Himself to me in the form of worship. During conference they had a time of worship and soak. I love the word “soak“. Soaking in God’s presence! It takes worship to a whole new level. Why was the last time you soaked. One thing I find powerful is “spontaneous” worship. Something I wish more churches would do during their services each week. This seems to be something that some churches such as Bethel Church, The Harvest, NPCC, Community Family, Hillsong Church, IHOPKC and some others I have been able to visit do very well. It’s funny to me that some of the ones I named are some of the pioneer churches that great worship songs come out of. Why do you think that is… I believe it’s because they allow the Holy Spirit to lead their worship, I am not a fan of calling people “Worship Leaders” but instead “Lead Worshipers”. I think when we have “Lead Worshipers” and allow the Holy Spirit to move an awakening happens throughout the church people. Now I know some people would refer this as the charismatic movement. However I think it’s so much more. Allowing the Spirit to move freely in church can be a scary thing for many church leaders. I think there is a fear of the unknown. I think in these kind of setting healing takes place, people are set free from sin and God’s power is release upon the church. It takes us out of the equation and give God full control. I am not saying that planning for worship is not a good thing. Worship is such an important part of setting the environment for the sermon and prepares our harts for whats about to come. Having an order of worship is key not only for the service but allows for spontaneous worship to happen if we allow Him to move. There are a few ways to allow His spirit to take over but I think the biggest thing we need to limit is the gaps between songs. In so many churches we sing a song, stop, sing another song and stop. This to me kills it! It’s like saying Holy Spirit come… Okay now stop go away…oh wait.. no.. come fill this place.. oh maybe not. Another thing I wish people would do is blend worship with the sermon. This is something I think the African based churches do very well. I am not saying we need to go all out and break out the electric organs (Hey if that is your thing go for it) But I do think we can learn a lot from allowing God to be open throughout whole service not just for a limited time. Did you know music was referenced in the Bible over 1150 times through scriptures. Not sure where I am going with that but maybe one day I will dig into it.

Over the past week I have heard many people talk about being “tuned” and “aware” of God’s presence. We need to be tuned in for Worship and aware of the spirit moving within our church services. A great reminder to keep in mind is it’s not about how cool your church can be about how real God is in your church.