Fitness Friday

nowledge-peppermint-oil-thumb-2xYou know I have nothing better to talk about if I am bring up fitness. But Hey it is Friday! #FitnessFriday While checking out my daily read of (great site btw) I came to learn the following:

 Just a whiff of peppermint helps control craving and emotional eating, according to research published in the journal Appetite. In the study, people who sniffed peppermint every 2 hours felt less hungry, more focused, and consumed 2,800 fewer calories per week than non-sniffers. Peppermint not your cup of tea? (Ha.) A similar study in the UK found the same effect when people wore a vanilla-scented patch. They lost 5 pounds in a month and felt more in control of their diet than people who didn’t wear the patch. Try some scented vanilla or peppermint candles in the dining room and/or kitchen.

Not sure how I feel about vanilla as I am not big on the scent unless it’s in my coffee. But I love peppermint. One of my favorite oils we have in the house. Now this bit about losing five-pounds I am all for that. But I won’t hold my breath and will stick to spinning and better eating. Speaking of better eating this is something I have been lack in the past few weeks and I so need to do a better job of this. One of my goals oner the next year is to learn more about essential oils and all the cool stuff they can do. For me some of the oils just kill me however there are a few that I am finding I really enjoy. They can really change the mood of things.