Time to For a Rant!

no-flu-shot1So it’s that time of year again where people start to push the Flu Vaccine Shot. I even got an email title “Flu Vaccine Fact Sheet and Why you NEED the shot!” So if you know me you will know every year I have to rant about this. Now I know everyone has different opinions about if you should or should not get the vaccine. And for some they have to get the vaccine due to their place of employment like schools or health environments. Thankfully I have not had to work in one of these environments and to be honest one of the 1st things I ask when interviewing for a job. I think in time the government will start to force everyone to take these vaccines but lets not get off on one of my crazy conspiracies (Trust me I have a lot of them). I have never had a flu shot and Lord willing I will never have one. The biggest question I am asked each year is have I had the flu… We yes maybe once or twice in my life. I think it lasted for 3 days if that. Typically when I do get sick, it’s from a cold or stomach bug. Something that the Flu Vaccine doesn’t cover. So I won’t go into all the reason you shouldn’t have the vaccine and to save you time and me time on this long rant let me just share with you some natural alternatives that I use in place of getting the shot.

Avoiding sugar – Cut the Junk! Not only for a healthy body but this is one of the most important things to avoid the flu all together. Sugar weakens your immune system. Stay away!
Get Garlic and Ginger– Yeah I know it can be gross but trust me it can really help when your feeling bad. One of the best natural antibacterial agents we can have is Garlic and Ginger is a great inflammation and pain reliever. While people are storing up cans of pork and beans for the zombie apocalypse I am going to be storing some Garlic and Ginger!
Boost Your Vitamins – Now some people say up the “vitamin C” and I do agree you need to get some C but I find it just as good to do a multi-vitamin. Each is own..
Get some Sleep – One of the biggest things I am still trying to learn. For me once a week I go to bed early and I mean early like 7 or 8 PM (at least for me) It’s amazing how good I feel in the morning. When I am not feeling well I even go to bed earlier than that. I try to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night if possible.
Drink Water – So this one is a simple one and I know everyone has heard it. But it does work. I was never big on drink water but after a few months It’s mostly all I drink.  7fafb5c9ba1668e9a2e0221ce00682c1

There are a lot of things on the internet and you can Google like crazy but one of the things that I was shown a few years go was this image of a lemon. I find for me it works when I am starting to feel sick. Just find what works for you and go for it. But stay away from the lies of the CDC and skip the Flu Vaccine Shot.

Ok..Ok.. I am done, rant over (until next year).