~Let the River Flow~

So I get a phone call friday at the office from Debbie stating the kitchen sink blow up…. LOL only one can think of what in the world happen that made the sink “blow up”. So I got off early to head home to see the guys working on the sink and after 3 to 4 hours later nothing was fixed however I am told there is a real plumber coming today to fix it. At least I hope?!?! It’s 11:00AM and I have yet seen anyone come as I was told they would be here around 10:00AM?!?! Well I guess we wait and see. It is hard to live life with two kids and an house full of 6 and try to get life done, cook food and keep the place clean. Other then all that Friday was a great day I was to work later on Friday however after having to come home my day was cut by a hour short or so. However I will make it all up on Monday Morning. I am so tired but know that there is much in the house to get done. for starters working in the library trying to get my book in order and setting it up as more of a library/guess room. Maybe with a pull-out sleeper or something a long that line. Oh well off to see what I can get done today. Happy nice Saturday!!!!

In His Grip,
Pastor J

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