~Happy Sunday~

I really enjoyed the worship this morning at NorthPoint. Eddie did a great job on leading in a time of open heated worship. He is a great “Lead Worshiper”. Emily even enjoyed it as well. Andy spoke on Trading Up. It was a shame that Debbie is sick however I hope next week all will be well and we can return to Grace for a great time of worship and a good word from Pastor Charlie. In other news the sink is now fixed and PTL we have running water again in the kitchen. I hope to be able to get some reading in today as I am reading one of Parry Stones books that I am really enjoying. He’s has a lot of good books out there however I just don’t have a lot time or funds to pick any more up other then what I have on hand. I found the other day one of Watchman Nee’ s book that I do didn’t know he had. It’s on my list of books to pick up. Speaking of books and with me getting back into reading I think it’s due to working around books most of the day.. LoL I am trying to see if a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet would be best for what I am looking for and need. I am taking the next few months to do some research on which one would be best, better price, specs and even if there is anything coming out in the next few months that would be better then both. Well It’s Sunday and time to spend time with family and get some things done before a very busy week of work.

In His Grip,
Pastor J

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