~Action in Savannah~

While on lunch today I saw a cop car flying the parking space next to me… Then number 2 cop car comes flying in behind me. Before long a Police Van pulls up and in less then 3 minutes there was a total of 8 cop cars about 10 officers all outside my truck. However they it was not me nor my truck they where looking for. It was the red 4 door car a cross the parking space from me. While eating my roast beef sandwich and watching the action out my window I noticed them pulling a total of 3 while bottles and one small baggie out of the red car. I guess…….. Drugs! After about 20 minutes of them all around the car, The OIC (Officer In Charge) typing on a cool looking toughbook PC. a Tow truck pulled up and took the car off. It was some lunch break however I enjoyed my roast beefsandwich. 🙂 Oh you never know what you are going to see in Savannah… You got to love it. Never a boring day in the City.

In His Grip,
Pastor J

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