~Monday Blues~

So after a long weekend I woke up with a bad cold and it seems as the day moves on my head feels like it is going to pop or one might even say blow up! I had to go into town today to get the dogs check up after having her leg removed and it seems that she is doing great at least that is what the vet says. Debbie asked me to stop by the store and find some cookie cutters so after going to 2stores I was unable to find any so after getting gas at wal-mart I stopped in to check to see what they had and sure thing I found the one place that had something… However Debbie stated I went a bit overboard. I came home with a box of 101 cookie cutters, But hey it was a great price at only $10 and who knows maybe one day we will use all 101 cutters. So that was the highlight of my day for the most part. Oh I have to add while we where in Columbia, SC for the weekend we had the kids pictures. We got a few good ones and one we will be sending out to a few family members.


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