I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….

Who knows maybe we will get lucky and have a white Christmas for once, but I won’t count on it. There has been a few people in the area who has made snow. So I guess I could do that for Christmas this year for the kids but that is just too much work. Beside why would I want to go outside when I am warm.
Congrats to Patrick House for becoming our season 10’s Biggest Loser! Everyone did a great job this year. Just wait for the new season 11, there is a lot of changes coming some I am not too happy about but It will all work out in the end I am sure. Like Bob says “This isn’t about wining a game, it’s about fixing what’s broken”. Some may or may not know by now but there will be two new trainers, who do you think they are? You may shocked to know that one of the trainers many people may know from one of the top fitness programs on the market today. Here is a hint: he is sure to work your Abs! Give up yet? Guess you will just have to wait… LOL Oh and I can’t forget Jillian Michaels is leaving the biggest loser at the end of this next season but I have been told it won’t be the last of her, she has a few new projects she is going to be working on and plus she wants to have more family time, She currently is looking at adopting a child.

Well time for me to get up and get to work. we are trying to get all our families and nannies placed before Christmas and in order to do that we have to get to work. My goal today is to get some time to sit back after work and just read some. I really should take more time to read more. I have become very lazy reading. I need to get back in the track of reading one chapter a day in a book. The problem comes when I can’t make up my mind on what book to read… LoL

In His Grip,

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