New Beginnings Update!

Well, another year and another Christmas. sadly this year is one for the books as it was not the great of them all. This year I spent most of the time in the bathroom puking everything I had and at some point puking nothing but my brains. The flu went trough our house like a wild fire. As here we are and Emily is the last to have it and life as we know it has moved on and we hope to be getting things back together. We are all still very weak but our hopes is with much need rest over the past few days and with this week of rest for us all that we will be back to 110%. Here is a quick run down on how everything and everyone is. As you may have noticed there is no Christmas letter this year but hey when you have facebook is one really needed…. a few weeks back I posted a link to a news report about how facebook have taken away our letters and cards and it seems that it may be true. But not to worry we still plan on sending out some kind of “Christmas letter” but it may be later in the year. At that point at least we will have more to say then we had a puking Christmas….LoL
Well anyway Debbie as some may know lost her job and not just once but two times all within two weeks of each other. The family she was working for seems to be having some issues and at this point feel they need time away from each other. So that means Debbie will have to find somewhere else to work. But not to worry as it seems Debbie or should I say “Nanny Deb” has found a new home with new children or I guess it is really only one child to care for. She will be working a lot less but will have a lot more time to stay at home and work more on the company (CSRA Nannies)
Emily is growing like always and it seems she is still being smarter then us all. Is is always one to keep us on our toes but I do have to say she has the heart of “caring”. It is great to always see her want to hold her little brothers hand when he starts to cry or to give him hugs when he gets upset. And then to see her want to ride Carolina like a horse or to play “free fall” off the chair onto her pillows.
Ethan seems to be slowly getting better about sleeping however at this point he has an ear infection as well as it seems he may have a GI issue that he will be seeing a doctor for in the next few days about… (guess he gets that from his daddy!)
Well with Debbie going back to work and with her working less it means she gets to work more in our company. This is something I have been wishing for for some time now as she has all the skills in sales and marketing. Plus one person can only do so much. With her taking over more with the company that means I can step back some and do more things I enjoy and work some on my own company I planning to kick off at the 1st of the year. With much talk over the past few months and even the past year is seems I may be starting a wood shop instead of a consignment store, sale or event. However it is not out of the over all plan but at this point that just does not fit our budget. It has been about two years from the last time I had a wood shop and it is something I have missed for a while. Our hope is it can be something that may bring in some income. But more importantly it is something that I enjoy doing. I am sure I will have more details to come….
oh well that sums up about all that is going in our part of the Ga woods. We are praying for a better year and that life will get back on it’s tracks by Jan 1st.. Boy I love “new beginnings” guess we will have to see how this chapter in our lives plays out!
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