Winter is here!

So it looks like we will have another full week of it being cold. I love a nice warm fire in the fireplace with the Christmas lights on while slipping my warm very good nightly coffee and listening to the snow fall….. Oh wait that’s only in my dreams. How about freezing my butt off and in front of the loud space heater while listening to the children fight over toys and while watching my work papers falling off my lap as my office is too cold to go in so I have to use a lap table. Oh and lets not forget that the dog eating my shoes for dinner…. Awww Now that’s sound a night more like it…. LoL Okay so maybe all nights aren’t that bad but who said we live a calm life?!?! Got to love family times! speaking of family times here is a picture that I have to share.

I have to take my hat off the our old dog Carolina. One of a kind Mountain view cur. (for more info about what that is check out Here We got her years ago while living in TN. I would have to say one of the best dogs we have had. She has become one of our oldest members of our family in dog years that is. She is around 77 years old again in dog years so that puts her around 13 in human years.
Old for the pup but as long as we have had her she had been the protector of our family. Even today the old girl or “Moma” as I like to call her still watches over us in every way.
Like she did with Emily she watches Ethan whenever he sleeps. If she hears him cry in his bed she goes to se
e what is wrong and lets us know he needs help. We have always called her our therapy dog. Now I must give a note or shout out to our newest pup Siena a 10 month old chiweenie was got while living in the upstate of South Carolina and has some of you may know was gone for a few days and came back with a hurt leg.

After a few weeks of trying to see if it can heal she had to have it taken off so now our little puppy who I now call “Hop” has only 3 legs. But is doing very well.
As Debbie calls her my lap baby or “Newadic” Dog (or however you spell that word) She is also one of a kind and loves me more then anyone I know.
When I leave she crys and trows herself into the door or wall until I come back as I have been told. Now that’s true love! LOL How would one train a wife to do that…. Just kidding!
Now I can’t leave out the other pets we had over the years but I will save that for another post.

In His Grip,

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