~Monday Morning Coffee~

Okay so it’s not morning but hey at least I am able to a post done. I did have my coffee this morning and enjoyed every sip. I was able to sleep in this morning after a busy cold weekend. Emily had her Christmas play and was a very good sheep. She looked a little like a bunny but who knows maybe there was a bunny or two somewhere back then… LoL I was able to get a lot done today at least I think it was a lot. I cleaned bedrooms, kitchen, dishes, floors, den, and moved my office again for like the um some time. With it being cold out and it does not seem like it is going to get any better anytime soon I had to move my office inside the house again as it is just way too cold in the sun room. So everything is up and running and I really enjoyed listen to my podcast of Dave Ramsey. He said some really good stuff about small business, work, and finding your passion etc. So I guess my over all goals for today where made as the house is clean and I am ready for work this week. Oh Plus I made some good sweet tea. to most this may not be something that is that big of deal but in our house we only get to make it once a month or so… Big difference from growing up in a home that even if we had nothing else in the house to eat or drink we always had sweet tea. But don’t worry I can’t say I am that sadden to not have it all the time now as it is a great way for me to drink water. Oh well in other news.. oh speaking about news I am learning we live in a crappy town… sorry to those who like it but it has become every time I turn on the new the 1st thing is this person killed this person, or some new murder tonight. this place is up to like 35 something murders. oh and on tonight’s news it was about a dad setting his child on fire… and someone else got ran over while walking on the street this week… What kind of city is this. Well in better news Debbie and Emily are now home so off to spend some time with them!

In His Grip,

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