One Onion, Two Onion or Just a Bag!

For years I have been a fan of Onions. From as long as I can remember and even my family members I have eating Onions like apples. To this day I still have to get a bite of an onion when I am cutting it for Debbie for dinner. Some say I am just crazy but not only are they good (At least I think) they also can benefit you in a few ways. They not only block cancer dramatically as some people may know, they also lower cholesterol, thin the blood and warn off blood clots but they also fight chronic bronchitis, infections, hay fever and asthma. Eating just 1/2 a raw onion daily raised HDLs (good cholesterol lipoproteins) by 30 percent in a recent study. It is also known that onions calms animals down (or Emily) LoL!! An owner of a large group of old world primates said that she relies on onions to keep her primates healthy during the winter. Especially when primates have been exposed to viruses or when your monkey is in a lot of stress, onions can be the solutions. So that must mean I need to buy a monkey… oh wait I have Emily. And Yep only when she was a few months old at the time she was able to eat solid things I feed her small bits of onion and like her daddy she loved them. To this day and even tonight speaking on the topic I give her a bite when we are cooking with them. The biggest thing I have found is it keeps bugs away from you. (Ever hear about the Tick story when I was young) I will have to save that for another day. So Anyway Yeah I find eating onions can be good for you.

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