~Monday Morning Coffee~

Okay so I am up before the birds. or Cows however you want to say it. I guess it you live in the city you would say birds. if not then you would say cows. Anyway I wake up to find the tree cutting guys out working or at least they sound like they are working. I think they are planning of getting done this week. That will be nice, lets just hope they get it done right and we won’t have to come back and redo some of the things we need done right, like the driveway and cleaning up there mess. I am hoping and praying it is not going to rain that bad today. If it does it will make a lot of mud all over and that may slow things down a lot with the trucks coming in and out. It may even slow us down as our main driveway is really sandy now. I show a few drops outside but maybe it will stop and the sun will come out. But as I am currently watching the Weather Channel I don’t think that will happen this week. Okay as I watch TWC they are showing the beach. 😦 now I want to be at the beach. LOL. Well It’s Monday morning and Debbie is off to work (lets pray she has a GREAT week) we could so use a good week of pay. It would be great to start saving up for a car for me but I am starting to feel I won’t get a car until next year. oh well I guess it is time for some coffee. Till later!
In His Grip,

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