Book One -The Fall of Lucifer -"Chronicles of Brothers"

I am still reading it but thought I would post a short review so far. When I am done I will post a longer and more complete review. This book is really opening my eyes to God’s true love for Lucifer. I heard that when I was young but I didn’t really think about it. Even though this book is fiction I think it has the probability of a lot of truth to it. It shows what before, during and after the creation of man may have looked like from heaven/hells point of view. Lucifer is brothers with Michael and Gabrielle and the book shows them being so great and mighty but when God creates manhood, something that doesn’t have supernatural powers and something worse, free will, Lucifer thinks God has made a mistake because these people will betray Him. And Lucifer is jealous of the fact that God cares about them anyway. in essence he feels like he knows better than God so he leaves heaven his brothers (Micheal and Gabrielle). This book is very detailed and descriptive. Even though fictional, there is such a reality to some of the things it brings up. I could really feel as if I was in the book and became a part of the world within. I gave the book to my mother to read for a weekend and she said she could not get into it do to all the derailed and descriptive words. I can’t wait to get to the end and move on the the next book, there are 7 books in the set. Right now she only has 2 out with the 3rd out this October.

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