What’s the Plan?

Okay so here is the deal. As I have been asked by many what is up with us? Well to start off, we are working on a BIG project if you have not noticed. Let me back up and share with you about how we came about it, where we are today and where we are going with it.
The Land, My family owns a bit of land outside of Waynesboro GA. (Google it) and it has been said that out of the family whosever wishes to build and live on the land can get a few acres. So Debbie and I are following our dreams we once had 3 years ago. Then was a plan for 10+ years but over the past few years found that Gods call was sooner. So here we are today the start of our project. With a much needed makeover to the land we are having all the pine trees cut leaving only the oaks. We are also having two lots cleared for our house and as well as one for my mother. Who would like to move here over the next year. Here is how it works; the land itself is called Lively Lea Acres. On the land there is Blueberry Hill (my mothers-which sits on the hill), Poole’s Cabin (my grandparents place) and Winding Oaks Farm (our place)
Now I can’t tell you much about Poole’s Cabin or Blueberry Hill other then we have been currently living at the Poole’s Cabin the past 6 months and Blueberry Hill will have blueberries, Duh!! However, I can tell you about Winding Oaks Farm. Winding Oaks Farm will have a few phases before being fully completed. Phase one is happening as we speak. The land being cleared, well and septic going in, power being run and setting up of our house. We hope to have phase one done sometime around the start of summer. (that’s around the corner) Phase two is our biggest of the phases and will take the longest to complete. Phase two is as follows: setting up house, landscaping (plants, grass, bushes, and walkway) putting in driveway, back yard fence, driveway gate(s) play area for Emily, back yard deck, building green house, vegetable garden, grape vineyard, small pumpkin patch, and fruit tree orchard. Phase three will be the adding of the following: Woodshop, small selected animals, pumpkin hut, and small pond. Now once all that is done we will be moving onto our last and final phase of Winding Oaks Farm. Phase four will be the adding of larger animals (horses only), barn and home addition. I am sure within the time it takes to fulfill each phase we will change or add a few things over the years.
Well that’s our plans a lot happening and much to do. Debbie is staying busy working. She is working hard and it seems to be paying off as our income has grown over the last few months. I can’t seem to keep Emily still anymore as she is getting into everything and pulling up on anything she sees. She is growing up so fast. I am just waiting for the day she starts to picks up the cars keys walks out the door. She seems to be enjoying spending time with me outside each day. I know this will be great when she gets a little older she can help me out on the farm. I remember when at CHC our kids would love to come outside and help pick strawberries or pull weeds. Great memories!!
So that’s what is up with us! Oh let me clear up a few rumors you may or may not have heard.
One sorry to disappoint you but we don’t have cows nor want them at this time.
Two we are not getting pigs or goats.
Three we due plan on fostering to adopt (Christmas 2009) We are open to who God brings to our family.
Four our long term plans are for Debbie and I to switch places (Debbie = stay-at-home / Me = work.)
Five we due plan on opening our pumpkin patch to the public by phase three.

Over the next few days I will be posting a layout of Blueberry Hill, and Winding Oaks Farm. It is still under design but when it is done it should give you a better idea of what it will look like once completed.
Hope that answers all your questions and give you a better idea of what is going on in our lives.
In His Grip,

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