Here was go!

Okay things are coming alone wth the cutting of the trees. I hope they will be done this week and we can start working on the thigns that need to take place before getting out house. I have been planing my garden I really hope to do this year. I know with it the start of spring and going into summer here in the next few weeks I know my time is getting short for gardening But I am hoping we can get everything together so I can put some things in for this year. I am thinking of doing a few rows of Pumpkins maybe have a small pumpkins patch. We have been working on names and stuff and I think we have found a the kinda of sign we are wanting. However It will be takening a few things off the old sign. It may make some people in the family mad but I think the names should of not been put on there in the 1st place. Plus no everyone will and is living on the land at this point. (over all it is called Family Drama one thing I so hate.) In so ways I am so ready to get into our own place and get our lives back on track. I think that is something that both Debbie and I have been wanting and waiting. I am hoping Debbie is going to have a good week this week. So far she is having a good start. Lord knows we need the money over the few weeks and plus. Emily have been so fussy this week. I think is it having more people around then just Debbie and I. She is a lot like both Debbie and I who likes to have our one-on-one time. It feels the only time we have to talk is the 5 and 10 mins we get over the phone during the day. Oh well I am sleepy and while Emily is down and everyone is away i can get some free time and take a short nap or read some. Till Later
In His Grip,

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