The week goes on!

So they have started cutting the trees and boy it looks like a bomb went off on the land. It is looking better and better each day. I am trying to get things priced well, septic, power, and all the joys of having a house. But in the long run it will be one day paid off and all ours. I am hoping that all the trees will be done next week sometime. I am so ready for Debbie to come home. I have not be sleeping well at all. I think Emily is missing her mommy. In other news my mom came down for the rest of the week. I think to get things in line for her house she plans on having in a few years. While they are here they are going to clean up an area for moms house. Emily fell today but that seems to be happening more and more. I am told it is just part of her growing.

In His Grip,


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