Well Today was a Sunday and off to Church we went. Today was on being Deeply Rooted in fasting. Last week was giving and the week before was prayer. After church today our some group met and had lunch then meet for bible study as tonight is the super bowl. We had pizza and then got in our small groups and talked about what we missed over the past week. We where not the only ones who did not come as it was just the leaders made it last week. We felt bad but with all of us being sick we just couldn’t make it. It was nice to once again to get together and chat and talk about our weeks. Now what is up with the Super Bowl stuff. I for one am not planning to watch it. Plus I have not chips and dip. 😦 Debbie and I were talking about Super Bowl Parties last night. We for one are not big into football (yes we are in the south and we are not a fan of football, I know) But when and if we ever get a house of our own we would like to host a party as well as have small group for the church. “In due time”.. Debbie says but at this point I am not counting my chicks before they hatch. Oh well. So tonight will be a non-football night and we will watch what ever is on TV. I am being told that there is some girly movie coming on. I guess I don’t have much to choose from. Oh Debbie and I got the Fireproof movie in this week and we watched it the other night and we both found it to be a good movie. I will share you with all my dislikes about the acting but the movie as a whole was good. The best part of the whole thing was not really the movie but in the bonus part called “Fireproof in 60 secs”. It goes through the whole movie in 60sec and it was really, really funny. So if you have the DVD check it out. One thing Debbei and I would like now is the Dare to Love book. Maybe Bella will buy it for us? (hint…hint..) 🙂

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