Cheeros, A Mockingbird, and a Daddy!

Last night I went to Wal-mart and while I was there stopped by the Redbox and picked up a movie. I got City of Ember. I didn’t know anything about it but it looked like it could be a good movie or a cheap one. After watching it it turned out to be a really good movie. One I could have, it was so good. I had not heard anything about it on TV or seen any previews but I am told it is from a book. Talking about movies and books. I am reading the InkHeart book before the movies comes out here in the next few weeks I think or maybe it’s months, Or maybe it came out?!? Oh well I got up this morning (not wanting to get up as I was so sleepy from our late night) and Had the Song “Hush Little Baby” song in my head. So I started to sing it to Emily this morning and found out that I don’t know all the words soe I looked it up and a found the following:

“Hush, little baby, don’t say a word,
Papa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.

And if that mockingbird don’t sing,
Papa’s gonna buy you a diamond ring.

And if that diamond ring turn brass,
Papa’s gonna buy you a looking glass.

And if that looking glass gets broke,
Papa’s gonna buy you a billy goat.

And if that billy goat don’t pull,
Papa’s gonna buy you a cart and bull.

And if that cart and bull turn over,
Papa’s gonna buy you a dog named Rover.

And if that dog named Rover won’t bark.
Papa’s gonna to buy you and horse and cart.

And if that horse and cart fall down, Well you’ll still be the sweetest little baby in town.”

Looking on the words I really don’t remember about the diamond turning brass I was thinking it was “if that diamond don’t shine” but maybe I am wrong. I couldn’t find it anywere. I found these words at a childrens song site. So Maybe they are right. (I just made that rhyme. LOL ) Anyway, Emily enjoyed it and even would try to sing it with me. 🙂 Well I am off to clean her up now that she is done eating her cheeros.

In His Grip,


Today’s Verse

They cried to you and were saved; in you they trusted and were not disappointed.

Psalm 22:5 (NIV)

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