Where’s the Tea?

Well I am sick and not enjoying it. I hurt all over and my head feels like it is about to pop off. I am not sure if this is just a cold or something more. I know I am not feeling well because I am welling to drink hot tea and eat soup. So After take a while getting Emily down for her nap I went in the kitchen and found the hot teas. I am hoping it will help. Debbie said she would stop by and pick up some egg-drop-soup and a egg roll. What a great wife! In other news Our tax forms came in and we have a meeting with our tax guy this Sunday. I am a little sad about it being on Sunday as we will miss Sunday morning worship but Saturday was not open for him. I am hoping and praying we get a lot back this year as this is the 1st year we have Emily. Lord knows we so need the money. I would love to get a car with some of the money but I don’t think we will get that much. My head is beating so I must go.

In His Grip
Mr. Sicky

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