Sunday Worship!

Today was a okay day. We went to church this morning and all went well. The worship team was back after taking some time off for Christmas. They where good. Chad the lead worshiper was good. The Sermon series we started for the next few weeks are “Deeply Rooted”. I look forward to what is to come. Debbie and I also started our small group bible study tonight at the church. We are doing to “Fireproof your Marriage” study. Tonight was only the first night of it and I can see it as a good study for both Debbie and I. I know it will be a study that will both be challenging and hard for us but will be good for us to grow in and with. I also picked up a new worship CD from the worship team today at the church. There are great songs like: Bless His Name, Sweetly broken, Better than life, Let us be, Invitacion Fountain and many other top Vineyard songs. Speaking of Vineyard songs and the church we also got a CD of the founder of the Vineyard movement, John Wimber. I can’t wait to listen to it this week when I get some time. For more info about The Vineyard Church check out In other news Emily had a great day enjoying being held by all her teachers and my eye is getting a little better even though that today it hurt a little and I had a bad headache.
In His Grip,

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