Monday Morning Coffee!

I am now rested and ready for a new week. I woke up to a clean house for the most part (Thanks Debbie for cleaning) and to the UPS Truck driving down to driveway. (Thanks so much Sis for my Sushi Magic kit) I am even going to use it today. less then a hour later the mail came and I got my new razer. Yay! It’s nice out side and the birds are out singing. I do however have a little headache. I am learning that is just something I have to live with until my eye is fully healed. Bella is coming today to help watch Emily and visit for a few days. I know I so need the help. Debbie is off to work and I am off to clean Emily’s room after I have been living out of it for the past few weeks with my eye. (It is the darkest room in the house) I have moved back in to our room now and I don’t have that big of issue with lights now. I know Debbie is glad I am back.
In His Grip,

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