Just Kicking!

Anther day ad Emily is still growing. It is Friday and the house is clean. am not sure why it has taken me a week to get it clean. I guess with my eye things take longer. My eye has gotten batter. I am able to see out of both eyes now and I am slowing learning to deal with the tears all the time. But the Doctor said that that would happen more as he put two holes in my tear duct. I have have enjoyed my bike and trainer but the past day or so with cleaning I have had no time to ride. I hope I can today. As my goal is to ride 3 times a weeks. I am at 2 times so far. The biggest thing about my bike is I need a new pace to keep it. I think the den is not working our as it is in the middle of the room (On a side note I am not sure why my keyboard is skipping letters today) 😦 Anyway, I hope to find a new place for my bike. I am only ahhh about doing it because I don’t want it in a room I never go in. I am scared I might stop riding. 😦 I guess I just need to try hard to keep my goals. Oh well I must run, Emily is fussy!
In His Grip

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