Emily is so happy today. I am not sure what happy pill she is on. I think I need a little of what she is on. The Sun is out again today and It seems that everything is drying up. It is well needed I still see some wet spots out in the field. It is hard on the car when there is a muddy driveway. The leave are falling like rain and I have yet found a good way to keep them up. I rake and blow them one day and the next day it looks like I have not raked in years. I kinda of wish we had a yard sweeper. I have tried a landscape rake but it does not seem to work well with leaves. It does work great with pine straw. The picture I posted today is one of Debbie and Emily at the park this past weekend. I am trying to work on getting my pictures in order and trying to find a better way of sharing them. I have come across a website that I would like to maybe have. I have had a website of my own for the past 5 years but I have closed it due to it cost each month and they are upping the price this next year. But I still want to have something that I can use to display my pictures. I am yet to find a way to use the pictures I do take. If nothing else they are a good way to look back on life. And to keep track of Emily growing. Maybe this next year I can find a way to use them then just taking up more memory on my computer. ( I only have some much space) Oh, congrats to Michelle for being the winner of the Biggest Loser this season! Too bad it was not Phil. 😦 I can wait till next month when it all starts again. LOL


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