Christmas Times!

Merry Christmas to all! We a here in South Carolina spending Christmas this year with my family. However we do miss spending Christmas in CO with Debbie’s family (Next year). This year we opened our gifts the night before due to everyone likes to sleep in on Christmas morning. It was nice seeing Emily playing with the boxes and wrapping paper instead of the toys. There were a few toys she seemed to enjoy more then others. We are off to a nice dinner at my aunts house tomorrow then who knows from there. We are hoping to stay in town till Sunday afternoon and then back home for a new week of work for Debbie and fun for Emily and I. I have a really neat project I am working on for everyone’s Christmas gift this year. Bella and DeiDei got theirs tonight but I can’t say anything in detail yet due to the people who have not gotten theirs yet. (Don’t worry It is coming soon) I have a few more to make and then they will be sent off. Well I am taking pictures like mad with this being Emily’s 1st Christmas. I hope to post some in the next few weeks as I get time. But until then don’t forget to check out our Facebook for more pictures. ( Again Merry Christmas and may the Lord be your Light! -Jonathan

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