Monday Morning Coffee (Nite)

Today was a warm day. The Sun was out and I get some work done in the yard. Emily seems to be getting a cold and Debbie stayed home sick today. We had a great weekend. We got to go shopping and went to church and then got to spend some time together. Oh did I say we went shopping. 🙂 We have not gone shopping for food in so long. I hope we can get back on track to where we can go each week. This way it gets us out of the house each week but we can get fresh food. Christmas is coming with on a few more weeks or should I say days. We are trying to plan what we are doing and hope to get everything we need to get done, done before we go out of town to see family. This is not the clearest picture but it is a cute on of Emily in her new shoes. She is getting so big. This is what she wear to the park on Saturday. She will be 6 months old this week. That is half way to a year old. WOW

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