I found this neat post in the Chicago Tribune this past week. I think it really neat how there seems to be more fathers staying home with their children. One thing that the Chicago Tribune News highlights is the fact that mothers are getting better higher paying jobs nowadays. Years ago it was almost unheard of to have a man stay home while the wife works. But over the years more men are taking the job as house dad. With this % rising each year there have been a few well known pastors, and Churches saying it is not of God’s will and any and all SAHDs (Stay at Home Dads) will go to hell. I think that is a bit much. The thing that really gets me is they base this all on 1 Tim 3:8. Now as I pastor I am not really sure where that comes from. But maybe I am missing something. I understand how a man needs to provide for his family but who is to say taking care of his children is not providing for it. We still are providers to our family just may no longer be the “financial” provider. Read it it is a good post!

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