~Wish List~

Okey time for my Wish List! Here are a few things I am wishing for this year.

A Braun Series 7 Razer. I have been looking for a good razer for years and have come down to this one. It has great reviews and it even cleans it’s self. It may be a little pricey but a razer that works is worth what it cost. Plus I spend about $30 a month on trow away ones. That is $360 a each year. Why not get something that is cheaper and will last longer then a few days.
For more info… http://www.braun.com

A Sushi-making kit this kit is not that bad it is one of the only ones I can find online that has so much stuff that comes with it. It Includes one serving plate and two wasabi bowls from our most popular set of sushi dishes, ceramics with colored glossy glaze bordered with matte black, available in blue or turquoise. This set also provides a rice spatula, bamboo sushi mat, rice mold, sashimi knife, two pairs of wooden chopsticks, and instructions for preparing sushi rice and maki rolls. I love that fact it comes with a knife. For more info….. http://wokshop.com

Top of all else would be a Xbox 360 60GB Storage, wireless controller, headset, and so much more. in the past few weeks they have gotten cheaper then when they 1st came out. I currently have a old Xbox and Debbie and I like to play together when we have time. When we lived in Tn a few years ago we played the Xbox a lot in the evenings. So this is really a joint gift for us both. and would a Xbox 360 be like without the best game in the world the new Fable 2! 🙂 For more info…. http://xbox.com

We can’t forget a bike trainer. With me spending more of my day indoors taking care of Emily I can’t get out as much as I would like. When we lived in TN I got a nice bike and I would have time each day to go out and ride at the park and Civc Center. But again I just don’t have the time with caring for a baby. I hope when Emily gets older we can get a bike thing to put behind it and pull her. That is what Debbie is hoping for.

I am sure there is many more things but most of all I would have to say my biggest wish for the Holidays is having a great time with family and enjoying Christ’s birth with my own baby girl and great wife!

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