Tuesday Blues!

Today for the most part has been boring. I just can’t seem to get up and moving. I think the cold is making me lay around the house all day. I have turned the heat on today but It seems to be hard to get warm today. Emily is not sure what she wants today. When she is up she is sleepy and when she is down for a nap she wants to get up and play. It could be the cold with her too. Maybe I can get up and do some cleaning and take a shower before Debbie comes home. One thing you can prayer about is that we start getting money coming in in the next few weeks. We are starting to hurt due to having no money to pay the bills and stuff. Debbie is going to be working longer hours and more in the office on the phone until she can get her numbers so she can go into the field. I am so waiting to ride my bike more during the day but not sure yet how with Emily. I want a bike trainer I and use so I can ride in the sun room while she is sleeping during the day. But it cost to buy a trainer. Maybe I can get one for Christmas. Hint…Hint… 🙂 Or maybe even better a Xbox360. LOL I think I should just post my wish list for Christmas. Maybe I will within the next month.

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