Monday Morning!

Well it seemed to be a great weekend. We went out of town to spend some time with family and go to a family party that is held each year on the last Saturday of October. It was really nice and I think both Debbie and Emily had fun. Emily did great in the car and we didn’t have to stop any for her the whole way. We are now back after a good weekend and we are starting a long week of work. Here are is a picture I took this weekend of Emily in her “chic” suit. Also check out my Southern Photography page to see more pictures. Oh Fable 2 is now out and I have heard great things about it. I am so waiting to get it. Once our bills are paid and we are back on our feet again I hope to get the game. I would also like a Xbox360 so I could play the game. But who knows maybe in a few years or months when they are cheap I can get one then. LOL Okey I watch Trading Spouses on CMT this morning while Emily was taking her nap. Today’s show they have one mom who is big into new age and one mom who is some big Christian Freak. Okey I have watched a few of the shows where Christians get on it and shout, yell and tell everyone they are all going to Hell. This mom today made me sick of Christians. When she got home back to her family she jumped up and down yelling about how she crossed over to the “Dark-Side” when she went to the other family. The sad thing was the new age family was really nice to this lady even when she told them they were going to burn in Hell for the way the live. I was so shocked in that this is how Christians treat people. I am not sure why, I have seen this before but I guess I just forgot how some people are. Oh, at the end of show the lady trashed the letter the other lady gave her and said she would not take the $50,000 from Evil and she was yelling at the camera crew If they where not Godly Christians and if they where on the “dark-side” to get the **** out of her Home “In the name of Jesus”. Oh my what are these people thinking? WOW…. That is something. To find out more about it check out Trading Spouses Shows. On one show I watched a few weeks ago the mom told a 5 year old he would be burning in Hell for talking back to her. CRAZY!!
-Rebel Dad

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