Rebal Dad!

Did you know that back in 2006 there were 159,000 stay at home dads. They say that in the past few years that number has grown over time to nearly 400 or 500 thousand. There is 2.9 million preschoolers today cared for by their dads while mom is at work. It seems that I have become one of the 100s of Stay-at-Home dads or what some call Rebel Dads. Why use the word “Rebel Dad” There is no good way to refer to a father who serves as primary caregiver. “Househusband” sounds dated, “stay-at-home dad” too long (and the acronym — SAHD too depressing) and otherwise problematic. “Mr. Mom” is offensive. So it is a name for us “stay-at-home dads” that captures something positive, something edgy in todays modern world. So over the next year we will see what happens in my life as a “Rebel Dad”. 🙂
In His Grip,

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