Turn on the Heat!

Turn on the heat was the first thing that was on my mind this morning as I sat in bed not wanting to get out of the bed to the icily cold air. I think it is time to turn on the heat when you see ice coming off the windows and you can see the the hot air coming out of your month when you talk. So I picked out something more to where today. No shorts and T-shirt today. When I woke Emily up this morning for her feeding I noticed a warm baby with a hat on her head. I guess Debbie felt it was cold this morning too. I had to take a picture of Emily as she looked really cute. Later today I could hear Carolina (the dog) barking like crazy out side and I saw the car trying to come inside the house like something was after them. I took a look outside and saw a young deer standing in the back yard just standing tall and look right at the dog. I was not sure if it was going to run away or attack the dog. I did want any person living in the woods would have done. I ran in the house and grabbed the camera. (LoL did you think I was going for the gun?!? Heck no! I am not going to miss out on a good shot.) After only getting a few shots in (camera shots) Carolina ran after it almost braking her skyline and the deer ran down the hill off into the woods. It was young but would make a great kill when it gets older.
Oh well that was the highlights of my day!

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