Killer Yellow Jackets!

yellow jackets of something, who knows. Now the thing is they are all over the yard and I am not sure how to get them away. I have been looking all over the So after working in the yard for a few hours today I was working on a new idea I had thinking of about making a new path for the golf cart. So I got out my rake and went to work. Before I knew it something was buzzing around be and I felt like something might of been stinging me. Well it was about 30 or more yellow jackets. And let me say they are fast and can chase you. That they did! All the way into the house into the shower. Debbie thinking I was overdoing it. I felt weak and like I was about to die. The bad part was I was not able to get them away from me. I ran to the shower pants and boots still on (I got a nice pair of boots a few weeks ago but they are Combat type boots so they take a while to get untied and off, so I didn’t have time to undo them) I thinking they hate water but soon found out it just made then madder then before. Finally I got Debbie to get my boots off to only find more yellow jackets all over me and all over the house. Once again to the shower They came in after me. After running around the house outside and inside again I got then off of me. However they where all over the house. Debbie being the super wife she is take Emily out of the way and then start to kill them one by one. After about a hour of killing them, me about to have a heart attack she got me come drugs and cream for the pain and stings. About an hour or two resting I feel fast asleep Now I am still in a lot of pain and feel I have been beaten with a 2×4. I think Debbie just killed the last yellow jacket less them a hour ago. I am praying that in the morning I will feel better and can sleep okay without bad dreams of monsterInternet for ways to kill them but there seems to be no fast and quick way to kill them. In the long run it might have to some down to paying someone to remove them. Till we meet again!
In His Grip,

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