Living it out!

Okey so life is back on track. It’s hot outside and things seem to be calming down a little. I am still not in the school system yet. But my hope is this week I will be. I am finding things take time to get things done around here. Speaking about things around here. Debbie keeps getting on the way my I have started talking. I am slowing starting to sound like a deeps woods hick. I guess I have to watch out and make sure I am on top of my language. Oh well in other news I started back weight watchers for men today. Today was not that bad however I did go over 8 points today. I guess I should of left the pizza and chips alone. 🙂 When I weighed in I found out that have only gained 3 pounds from when I ended WW the last time. Now this time I am praying that I won’t stop until I am to my goal weight and even then make it a life change. I know stopping and starting over and over again is never good. In the past with diets I have been on I always gain 10 or more ponds stopping it. The time I had to stop WW was due to us not being able to buy our food anymore at Calvary. (they only got junk food, and the kids doctor would die if they know what they where eating, but again that part of our life is over) This time I am going to live it out to the fullest and make it a life change. Anyway I must go before our internet cuts off.
In His Grip

One thought on “Living it out!

  1. This is such a wonderful blog. You always seem to go over the top. I just want you to know how much Joy you have brought to your Daddy and my lives. You are a great son to me, a fabulous Daddy to Emily Ann and a pretty good (Ha) husband to Debbie. Never forget how much you are loved and how God has not forgotten his servant.

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