What Happening!

Well not much happening here. Debbie has started working and I have become Super Dad once again! When Debbie is gone I am taking care of Emily. She is growing up faster then one would think. She is so loud and trying to talk all the time. We are trying to work on her knowing when it is time to nap and when it is time to play. During her nap time I some times find her playing and talking to her toys. I went in there to day to see what she was doing as she was so loud I could hear here all the away on the other side of the house. Will when I got in her rooms she had a big smile on her face and was hanging onto her toy that hangs on the side of her crib. And she moved about a foot from here I put her down at. I am waiting for the day she gets up and starts running all over the house. I have a feeling that day will come soon then later. Oh Well, in other news Debbie and I are going to take a trip to SC this week to go see family and maybe a few friends I am not sure at this point who we will see. Debbie’s birthday is coming up this week so we are going to be going out to eat with some family members this weekend while we are there. Speaking of next week Debbie should be bring in a paycheck next Friday and I am really happy about that. We are in so need of some money right now. When we 1st moved here it took some time before Debbie could find a job. But that time is coming where we will be back on our feet soon. And the good part is the next few months for Debbie are to be one of the biggest times in her company to make money. So let pray all goes well for her in the next few months. Oh well like a said not much to report here. Maybe next time I will have something more to talk about.
In His Grip,

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