We made it!

It’s Hot Hot HOT!!! We are here in the land of nowhere. Shell Buff, Ga. Check it out on a map. It is in the middle of the big oak tree and the pines. LOL šŸ™‚ No I am not joking it is. Anyway some week the 1st week was. I was sick all week with some bug and boy I hope that was the last for a long time. I went to training and learned all about the really cool high-tech stuff Burke Co Schools have. So a small poor town the schools here have some really neat things. Lets not forget to say all the schools look new too. Anyway besides that. I have been spending some time working on the farm. Let me just say it hard work and boy I forgot how hot it is here in the summer. The bad thing is right now it is taking me longer to get small things done, due to no one working on the farm for over a year now. Cleaning the leaves have taken me most of this week trying to get them cleaned up so you can see the good old Ga. moss that runs the ground. I also forgot how big the bugs are here. some days before leaving the house I feel like caking my self in “OFF Spray”. But I once learned that it seems to bring more bugs out then without it. So I just go without. Oh well Internet is bad so I can’t post long. I will try to post more when we get better internet or we take the laptop up to town.

In His Grip,

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