The Last Post!

Well I can’t say that the “Last Post” at Calvary is the best. Once again Calvary seems to have done it again. So we are to be spending our last night with the all the kids and Philip and Lucy. As it is Philips and one of the boys birthdays today and our last night with everyone. Have a little party and have time to say our good byes, WRONG!!! We spend it with some church we don’t know who we will have to be all smiles about Calvary Home and Thank them for money we never even see. But again this is how Calvary Home works. Their communication sucks! But the great news is it is the last time we have to “fake it” and put on a show. In other news Debbie has started WeightWatchers and seems to be enjoying it. I can’t wait till I get to go back on it come this next week. The 1st thing we will be doing once we get to the farm is shopping. And yes there will be no buying of hotdogs and crap like that. YAYA!!! All our stuff is in boxes or bags and we are really to load the Uhaul truck 1st thing in the morning. Now the thing that gets me is I ordered for this truck last week and Uhaul tells me I won’t know where to pick up the truck or know the time to pick up until today. So sitting in church this morning I get a call from them saying I can pick up my truck at 11:00 AM in Anderson. Well where I am to pick is fine but 11:00 AM is not okay with me. So after leaving church and spending an hour on the phone talking with 3 different people, I hope I can get it at 9:00AM. I never really got a 100% feeling that they understood me. Lets prayer and hope for the best!?! Oh well, As I am not going to be getting much of a nap today I must go rest before this church gets here.
Like always,
In His Grip,

Check out this vimeo I found today, it is really funny:

Yoda Groups from Fusion Church on Vimeo.

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