~Website Updated~

I was looking over some other blogs I today and came across one that made me think.
Barefoot Community Church (in North Myrtle Beach, SC!) has created quite a buzz with their current series “Exposed Pastor.” The premise is that the pastor and his family have agreed to live their lives before cameras for over approximately 15 hours daily to share the authenticity of the Christian life with those who don’t know Christ. I spent some time in there my self and found it to be a neat project. Check it out! After spending time talking with both the Clay and his wife they seem to a great family. Like everyone else, I think that is the main point is that they are just that, just like everyone else. The hour spent watching them was main just in there car as they were going home from there meeting.
In other news today, I got my ministry website back up. It has been down for some time but I opened it back up and updated it. check it out and be sure to sign the guest book. I will try to keep the site updated this time. I am kinda bad about that.

In His Grip,


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