~March Highlights~

Project #2 Debbie’s Garden

We took a part in the back yard that we just weeds and a little bit of graas and cleaned it out and put in a alot of good dirt and soil (at our cost) and added big rocks to make a walled with 3 parts. Herbs, Vegs and Flowers topped it off with a white rock walking path to the fence in the back yard to make this garden the garden of the year. Project #2 a big hit! Debbie loves it! It only took me 3 days to get it done. I have to say Thanks to my boys, Mr David (our campus handy-man) and Debbie for her support and last I can’t forget old fateful Mr. John Deere. 🙂

The Green Bin in the back is Debbie’s compost bin Mr. David built for us.

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