~Breaking Free of Debit~

On Dec 11 2007 Debbie and I started a Journey, a Journey that would change our lives forever. We are living like no one else now so that later we can live like no one else forever. Putting Pen to paper and rolling numbers and setting a budget each month. As we knock bills out cold dead and it seems as if we have more money then we even make. Life is less stressful when your not living pay check to pay check. The biggest change I can see we have made over the pass few months is we have stop using Cards! We have stopped Credit Cards, Debit Cards all around. We are using cash for everything now! We have made big steps to a life of freedom. At times we have been in the hole so bad we have been scared they would come and take our car. Trying to find out how we would pay our bills week to week. Hoping the bank would be closed so pending checks would wait just one more day before going trough the bank. Trying to wonder if we would ever get out of Debit, if we would land in jail one day or if this pet of a student loan would ever go away. Over all there is Hope! The chains of Debit are coming off month by month week by week. And one day we will be living like no one else Debit Free! For info about how we are doing it check out http://www.mytotalmoneymakeover.com/ for life changing info on how to brake free Debit. We have months to go but with the steps we are taking in the end life will be much better. Pray about it and ask your self in 10 years where do you want to be. Living day to day, pay check to pay check or living a life of freedom and paying cash for everything. Tell your money where to go!

In His Grip,


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