~Movie Review~

“August Rush” is a movie about belief and the power of love. Oh, yeah, and lots of music!! Evan Taylor is living in a boy’s home, calmly believing not only do his parents want him, but that he is connected to them by music, and will someday be reunited with them because of the music that flows through each of them. Even when threatened and made fun of by his peers, he refuses to deny the truth. Early on, you can sense that music could be like a symbol for God, because Evan decides that with music guiding him, he will be restored as a son and will no longer be orphaned.
In one instance, Evan is told that in order to find what he is looking for he must love music more than food, more than life, and more than himself.
Evan gets his musical abilities from Lyla, his mother, a concert cellist, and Louis, his father, a guitarist and lyricist.
Anyone who plays an instrument or loves music will be in for a treat. Hans Zimmer and Marc Mancin put together a wonderful score that brilliantly blends both Lyla and Louis’ styles of music. Evan’s ability to hear music in everyday street sounds develops as he listens to pick up even the faintest strains of his parents’ music, in the same way a bloodhound follows a scent.
Things that you may find objectionable are as follows: Louis and Lyla engage in premarital sex, although we only see them kissing. I understand people are human, but had they done things God’s way, Evan never would have been separated from them in the first place. Much of the pain and loneliness felt by the characters could have been avoided. There are a few scenes where Louis’ friends are drinking and smoking. There is also moderate profanity.
I was also pleasantly surprised by how God-friendly this movie was. Lyla wears a cross, Louis and other characters sing about praying, another character sings to his heavenly Father, two characters pray for Evan, and one character states that music is God’s reminder that there’s something else besides just focusing on ourselves.
The plot is a little improbable, at times, and if you are not a music lover it may be a stretch to overlook this, although, when God is the conductor, stranger things have been known to happen. Overall, it is a beautiful movie, but the language, while not excessive, serves no purpose. It struck a dissonant chord in an otherwise perfectly pitched movie.

I give it a 4 Stars and it goes on my tops 5 Movie List for 2007!

(Check out the Song Highlight! It is off the Moive)

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