Angel or Look alike?

When I go to the car wash to get my car washed there is a man who looks just like Morgan freeman, sounds just like him too. Now I am not really a Morgan freeman freak and not too much of a fan of his. He is a good actor and enjoy watching him in some movies. But really this guy who washed my car looks just like him and sounds like him. I have told Debbie this and seem to remind her of this every time i get my car washed. Now get this even really creepy, Debbie and I are coming back from our trip from Co. (we went to see Debbie’s family over Christmas) We stop to get gas and while I am pumping gas this man on the other side of the pump ask where I have been. I reply “TX today, CO yesterday and heading Home to SC” He replies “Long drive, better be careful and watch out.” Now I would think nothing of this but He looks like Morgan freeman and the guy who washes my car. and sounds just like him! It seems this guy and the guy who washes my car have a sweet calming voice. That makes you want to listen and be respectful. So I tell the guy Thanks and then went in to pay. I told Debbie about this guy at the pump and how if looked and sounded like the guy at the car wash who yes looks like Morgan freeman. she replies she never saw anyone at the other pump and does not know what I am talking about. Anyway. As we are driving down the road somewhere not far from the state line of Ga. It’s dark but nice night stars out, not too many cars out. We see a deer standing on the side of the road. I slowed down and noticed he was going to just standing there so I move to the left lane where no cars are. and the Buck runs right at the our car (Ford SUV we rented) fast! Hits the side of the car and brakes the side mirror and dents the side of the car. Our hearts jump and I pulled over to see how bad the car was as it was a rental and not ours. and to make sure Debbie is okay. We where both shocked for a good hour after words. We where thanking God that it did not hit the window where Debbie was siting or made the SUV flip. The deer hit in two places the front door and the back door somehow missing the middle where the side airbag would of activated. maybe hurting Debbie or worst. (like a miscarriage or something) So who is this guy I keep seeing? Could it be the same guy who washes my car 4 states away getting gas the same time we did? Driving car that does not have SC plates? Am I seeing things? (I told Debbie maybe I got into the new movie where Morgan freeman plays God too much and just seeing things) Or an Angel? I don’t know but I am going with an Angel. Maybe he is just anther man is making a living washing cars and some guy who just getting gas who looks and sounds like a movie actor. who knows But for me Angel or not God has used this man in a cool way! God is Good! All the Time! Again Happy New YEAR!!!

In His Amightly Grip,


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