Whats Past, Whats to Come!

Well, This is the last post of the year. Oh the things that will come in the next year. But lets not forget the things that has happened this past one. Leaving the Church and finding true friends, Embarking into a new kind of ministry, spending days and hours on the beach of NC. To moving and becoming Mommy and Daddy at a Children’s home in Anderson. To seeing children grow up so fast in just a short time, to preparing 9 hours for a new born to come live in our home. Being Daddy to 9 children. Waking up one morning with joy in my face knowing that God is good and For all things work for His good. To waiting and still waiting for that unborn child what is due in June to be Father, Dad, Daddy, to not just any child but one of our own. This year will be one not be forgotten. For Great is our God! My prayer for this year is that I can become healthier, less sick, my Love for the Lord grow to the highest and Debbie and I’s Love grow together more then ever. That I become the best Dad and Father I can be and Spend more time with the Lord then I have been in this past year. I hope to get a lot done with school so I can knock it out of the water here in the next year or so. Happy New Year!!!

In His Grip,


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